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Acne scar treatment

Acne is a frustrating skin condition, one that can have a significant effect on a person’s appearance and self-esteem. What makes acne even worse is that it can keep affecting someone long after it clears up. This is because acne can cause anything from mild to serious scarring, leaving skin pitted and uneven with damaged texture and in some cases discoloration.

For as disheartening as acne scarring can be, there is good news when it comes to this skin condition, and it’s that acne scaring can be improved. At Doux Papillon MediSkin, we work to restore your skin’s natural beauty.

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    Are there different types of acne scarring?

    Yes, there are different types of acne scarring that can affect the texture and appearance of skin.

    Ice pick scars are deep and narrow holes, so named because they look as though they could have been caused by an ice pick or other sharp instrument. Some ice pick scars look like open oversized pores.

    Boxcar scars are round or oval scars are significantly wider than ice pick scars. They have clearly defined edges and can leave the skin with a pitted texture.

    Rolling scars are less defined than boxcar scars and result in wave-like indentations across the skin.

    Many people with acne scarring are dealing with more than one type of scarring. Regardless of which type you’re dealing with or how many types you’re dealing with, our Dermal Clinician will walk you through your specialized treatment plan including an estimate on how long it will take you to see the improvement.

    What kind of treatment do you typically use for acne scarring?

    At Doux Papillon MediSkin we use the Fotona laser treatment. This is a cutting-edge treatment that consists of a dual laser wavelength system, namely the Nd: YAG laser light and Er: YAG laser beam.

    The Fotona laser treatment is used to treat both active acne and acne scarring. The Nd: YAG laser light treats active acne by gently heating the overactive sebaceous glands, and by stimulating the healing process.

    The Er: YAG laser beam is what we entrust to treat the acne scarring endured by our patients. This gentle but effective ablative laser minimally penetrates the top microlayers of skin to vaporize scar tissue and lightly resurface the scarred area. The Er: YAG laser also stimulates new collagen production to help expediate the healing process, improving skin texture as well as tone.

    What are the advantages of Fotona acne scar treatment over other procedures?

    Some clinics will treat acne scarring using things like chemical peels or microdermabrasion. The main advantage the Fotona laser system offers over both chemical peels and microdermabrasion is that the depth to which it penetrates can be precisely and accurately controlled to ensure only affected skin is being subjected to the treatment. This gentle ablative acne scar treatment technique results in faster recovery.

    We also prefer the Fotona system because of its dual effectiveness, working to vaporize scar tissue while also stimulating the collagen production that will help your skin look and feel healthier.

    Is Fotona acne scar treatment safe?

    The Fotona laser acne scar treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment option that’s been found to be safe for all skin types. We also precisely control the laser’s depth to ensure only the surface microlayers of skin affected by scarring are treated. On the whole, the Fotona laser treatment system is an accurate and effective treatment that gently and safely helps restore our patients’ smooth and even skin.

    Does this acne scar treatment hurt?

    As the Fotona laser treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical, it results in minimal pain. In some cases, patients may experience a mild burning sensation or slight discomfort.

    What is the recovery from Fotona acne scar treatment like?

    Immediately following the procedure you may experience reddened skin or a mild sunburned feeling, and this can be accompanied by slight swelling. The redness and swelling dissipates gradually over the next few hours and the full recovery time for a laser treatment session ranges from five days to ten days. We recommend that following treatment you use sunscreen and do your best to avoid direct sunlight.

    How many Fotona laser treatments will I need?

    Unfortunately it’s impossible to provide a general estimate. How long it will take to successfully treat acne scarring depends on how severe the condition is, how quickly a patient’s skin responds to the treatment, and what level of revision a patient is hoping for. Our Dermal Clinician can provide you with a specialized estimate on how many treatments you may need to see the improvement during your initial consultation, getting you on your way to smooth, beautiful skin.

    How soon will I see results?

    You will see improvement in your skin’s tone and texture following the first treatment, immediately after your skin recovers. You’ll continue to see improvement after each session and its subsequent recovery until your acne scarring has been effectively treated and you love the way your skin looks and feels. Full results will become apparent two to three months following your final treatment.

    How long will Fotona laser acne scar treatment results last?

    The Fotona laser treatment system stimulates collagen remodeling, which is an important component of long-term skin resurfacing. Our Dermal Clinician can give you a precise estimate for how long your effects may last.

    Is the Fotona laser treatment system effective for other types of scarring?

    Yes. We rely on the Fotona laser to treat a wide range of scarring in our valued patients. This includes scarring on the face or body and can even include stretch marks. If you’re struggling with scarring on any part of your body and you want to restore your skin’s soft and smooth texture and appearance, we can help with the Fotona dual laser wavelength system. Book a consultation today to meet with our Dermal Clinician and find out how we can help you achieve the supple, even skin tone you know you deserve.