January 2020 - DP MediSkin


5 Ways to Get Rid of Large Pores


Those pesky pores are something we tend to obsess about quite a bit. On a bad day, we’ll find these large pores can make us feel quite self- conscious about ourselves. And while large pores definitely aren’t a health risk, they’re definitely more of an aesthetic discomfort. There are ways you can drastically reduce the size of those pores, here’s a few simple hacks: Invest in water-based products If you’re someone who’s prone to have oily skin, then you’re going to have to be very careful about which products you invest in. Any oil-based products will just lead to having … Continue reading

6 Simple Ways to Prevent Signs of Aging Around Your Eyes

Melasma Treatment

Did you know the skin around your eyes is the thinnest in the body? That’s right, this means that it is far more delicate and that makes it a lot more susceptible to damage and signs of aging as well! In particular, our eyes tend to be quite vulnerable to environmental factors. So, if you want to avoid those fine lines and wrinkles, here are some ways you can go about it: Quite rubbing Rubbing your eyes can actually help create signs of aging so you’ll want to catch yourself the next time you get sleepy! Also make it a … Continue reading