February 2020 - DP MediSkin


4 Common Misconceptions on MicroNeedling

Micro Needling For Great Skin

The body has a natural healing response no matter the type of injury it has to endure. Skin needling is a rather safe procedure that takes advantage of this reflex. Specifically, microneedling is a treatment that stimulates collagen production and thus brings about taut, beautiful skin. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding skin needling that tend to intimidate clients- allow us to reveal the truth: It is only effective on wrinkles While it is most popularly used to reduce wrinkles, this is not the only skin condition it’s effective against. It helps combat poor skin texture, acne, pigmentation, stretch marks … Continue reading

How to Take Care of Your Skin During Hot Weather

Stretch Mark Removal

Our skin can be quite delicate. With the slightest shift in temperature, you might notice your skin drying up or getting far more oily than usual. Break outs might be more frequent or you might catch your skin peeling too! The trigger? Poor weather conditions! Well, your skin no longer has to suffer due to your surroundings, here are some simple ways you can make sure your skin is well taken care of: Lighter moisturizer Heavy moisturizer seems like a great product to use during more dryer climates (like winter) but if you start using this during hot weather, you’ll … Continue reading