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4 Common Misconceptions on MicroNeedling

Micro Needling For Great Skin

The body has a natural healing response no matter the type of injury it has to endure. Skin needling is a rather safe procedure that takes advantage of this reflex. Specifically, microneedling is a treatment that stimulates collagen production and thus brings about taut, beautiful skin. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding skin needling that tend to intimidate clients- allow us to reveal the truth:

It is only effective on wrinkles

While it is most popularly used to reduce wrinkles, this is not the only skin condition it’s effective against. It helps combat poor skin texture, acne, pigmentation, stretch marks and scarring as well! This treatment can be used safely on different regions of the body including the face, hands, neck, back and chest. It can even reach more sensitive areas like around the nose, eyes and lips.

DIY Microneedling is as good as professional microneedling

This will definitely not be as effective as you hope if you try to do your microneedling at home. For one, the devices which are used are not in line with professional standards- professional micro needling pens tend to deliver more micro channels at the right depth. You’ll find that the depth is not adjustable on home devices and they also don’t have the same number of channels available. This, combined, means that you won’t get effective results. As a reference point, professional microneedling can penetrate up to 6 times deeper into the skin!

It leaves holes in the skin

What image do you think of when we say ‘microneedling’? If you’re thinking of a hypodermic needle being jabbed into your skin, think again. This process actually makes use of a tiny needle that creates the smallest of injuries on your skin in order to produce collagen in the skin’s lower layers. The micro channels created in your skin also allow for topicals to be better absorbed when applied.

It is a painful procedure

While microneedling may have a bit of a scary name, you really have no reason to worry! The most your skin will feel is slightly tight and warm for a few hours after the session is over but in no way painful! At our clinic, we also apply a topical numbing cream to ensure you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure so rest assured you’re in gentle hands.

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