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4 Simple Hacks for Acne-Prone Skin

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Acne-prone skin definitely has a way of wreaking confidence issues on a teenager. It is a common condition that teens experience, however, so there are plenty of methods that have been unearthed in order to lessen the intensity of the issue. Looking to make your skin clearer? Here are some simple hacks that will help you out:

Cleanse twice a day

Without regular care, impurities tend to build up and this can give way to pimples. Specially for those with acne-prone skin, there will be a faster buildup of oils and dirt. By washing your face twice a day, this will not only get rid of the dirt but remove any accumulation of dead cells in the process too! Aim to do this every morning and night, if possible.

Buy the right products

Investing in the wrong products can set your skincare back drastically. They can dry your skin, cause peeling or contribute to an excessive buildup of oil too. What teens suffering from acne should opt for is a mild facial cleanser alongside warm water. Moisturizer should also be applied at least twice a day. You’ll also want to schedule in regular facials with our clinic to effectively keep your skin moisturized.

Stay away from additional oils

Firstly, don’t keep touching your face! Your fingertips are actually a source of plenty of oils and when you keep touching your face, you tend to transfer it! An oilier face is prime grounds for more pimples. Make it a point to wear less makeup as well as this tends to contribute to acne development.

Visit a skin specialist

In the event that those regular facials do not clear up your acne, you’ll definitely benefit from visiting our skin specialists! They’ll provide a range of stronger acne treatment options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for any acne scar treatment, we have the perfect noninvasive laser treatment option for you! You’ll notice improvements within the first few sessions itself!
We realize that not all cases can be managed by lifestyle changes alone. That’s why you should meet our qualified Dermal Clinician today and get expert advice on how to combat your acne-prone skin. Notice the difference in no time!