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5 Ways to Get Rid of Large Pores


Those pesky pores are something we tend to obsess about quite a bit. On a bad day, we’ll find these large pores can make us feel quite self- conscious about ourselves. And while large pores definitely aren’t a health risk, they’re definitely more of an aesthetic discomfort. There are ways you can drastically reduce the size of those pores, here’s a few simple hacks:

Invest in water-based products

If you’re someone who’s prone to have oily skin, then you’re going to have to be very careful about which products you invest in. Any oil-based products will just lead to having excess oil on your face, leading to bigger pores. By investing in water-based products you’ll make sure you don’t get any extra oil seeping into your pores.

Washing twice a day

We all have a basic skin routine with specifically picked out products to get us through the day but don’t forget the most basic step of them all- washing your face! This is a really important habit you need to get into before starting the day and in the evening, just to clear your face of any dirt and oil that may be accumulating in your pores.

Apply a clay mask

Get back from a tough day at work, unwind to a soothing clay mask- there really is no losing in this situation! Make it a point to use a clay mask at least once or twice a week to prevent your pores from getting enlarged. Don’t do this on the same day that you exfoliate, however. This might irritate your skin too much.

Gel-based cleansers

For all those reading this with oily skin, we have just the product for you- gel-based cleansers! Essentially, it’s the oiliness of your skin that is accentuating your pores so by using a moisturizing cleanser, you actually leave more residue behind on your face and increase its greasiness. Use a gel-based cleanser instead to clear this oil away.

Regular exfoliation

By regular exfoliation, we mean you should ideally exfoliate twice a week (no more or less). What does exfoliation do? It helps remove any accumulating dirt from your pores. Look for any exfoliating products that contain salicylic acid- this is a natural acid that helps with the release of debris from pores. Keep in mind, however, that exfoliation might help keep your pores unclogged but you’ll have to make sure your skin doesn’t get too dry in the process as this will accentuate pores.
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