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How to Take Care of Your Skin During Hot Weather

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Our skin can be quite delicate. With the slightest shift in temperature, you might notice your skin drying up or getting far more oily than usual. Break outs might be more frequent or you might catch your skin peeling too! The trigger? Poor weather conditions! Well, your skin no longer has to suffer due to your surroundings, here are some simple ways you can make sure your skin is well taken care of:

Lighter moisturizer

Heavy moisturizer seems like a great product to use during more dryer climates (like winter) but if you start using this during hot weather, you’ll soon realize it makes you feel rather sticky and uncomfortable. Swap it out for a more lightweight moisturizer that will allow your skin to breathe better on hot days while keeping it rejuvenated and fresh.

Stay hydrated

This is probably a piece of advice you’ve heard often but we still find plenty of clients showing up with skin suffering from dehydration. It’s especially during summer that you’ll find a lot of water escaping your body through the form of sweat so you’ll have to take in more water than usual to reach equilibrium again. 6-8 glasses a day should do the trick just fine! Drinking a lot of water but still looking rather dull? Consider a hydrafacial to get that glow back in no time.

Say no to hot showers

While a hot shower might seem like an incredibly soothing way to end your night and have those tired muscles relieved, it also tends to dry your skin further. It strips your skin of all its natural oils whereas a cold shower would tighten your pores and prevent them from getting clogged. Cold water also improves blood flow, allowing your skin to be nourished better.

Face Mist

It’s all about hydration when it comes to hot weather! Not only does having a bottle of face mist come in handy when you want to feel instantly cool and refreshed but it also helps add another layer of hydration to your skin. If you were looking for another simple way to rejuvenate your skin, this is it!
It’s quite easy to neglect one’s skin but, especially in hot weather conditions, this can give way to many skin problems that can be quite pesky to deal with. Take care of your skin with these few simple steps and avoid that unpleasant situation altogether!