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Forma & Forma Plus for a Younger Skin

    As age kicks in, loss of collagen and elastin leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. But with today’s advanced radiofrequency treatment, you can get your youthful glow back. Forma and Forma plus is a modern technology that helps in the generation of new collagen and elastin. It’s a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency waves to provide contraction in the deep skin layers of the skin to stimulate collagen formation and skin elasticity.
    Now available at Doux Papillon MediSkin, this treatment is ideal to improve skin laxity, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

    What Areas can be Treated?

    Forma is used on small areas while Forma plus is used on larger areas. It’s used to treat face and neck areas including the forehead, face, smile lines and necklines. It is also applicable to other parts of the body including abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arm, knees and other areas that have loose skin.
    The treatment is suitable for all skin types. Therefore, those who want a non-surgical and non-invasive method for improving their skin can get the treatment at our clinic.


    Laser skin tightening

    How Forma and Forma Plus Works

    Forma uses radiofrequency to penetrate deep layers of the skin. This energy causes the collagen strands to remould into tighter lines while stimulating the growth of new ones. Since collagen is the building block of the skin firmness, this process leads to significant improvement of the skin tone and texture over time.


    What the Treatment Entails

    Our physicians apply a gel to the treatment area, and then glide the Forma device on the treatment area and move it in small circles. The dermal clinician controls the temperature using the gauge to ensure no area is under or overheated. The treatment is painless with no downtime. It leaves your skin rejuvenated with no mark. Patients undergoing this procedure feel a heat soothing sensation similar to a hot stone massage. Treatment is done once a week for around 6-8 treatments depending on the area being treated.

    Recovery and Results

    The treatment leaves no visible mark except for slight redness in some circumstances which subsides in a few hours. Results are visible within two weeks after the first visit and progress to improve with each visit. Having a maintenance program will have long-lasting results.

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    Laser skin tightening



    Laser skin tightening
    Laser skin tightening