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Rosacea Treatment

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Rosacea is a skin disorder which presents redness on the face and sometimes papules and pustules. The skin condition is 3 times more common in women than in men and develops mainly between the ages of 30 and 60. It mostly affects the nose, cheeks, and forehead, and is more common in people with fairer skin types.

While there’s no cure for rosacea, there are many treatments that helps to reduce its symptoms and prevent them from worsening. At DP MediSkin, we use advanced laser technology to safely reduce the redness and improve dilated capillaries. Laser treatment is more refined, more effective and less painful than other treatment options.

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    There are no official causes of Rosacea, and the condition is not contagious. However, some studies suggest that it may be hereditary and can also be triggered and aggravated by environmental and lifestyle factors including hot weather, spicy foods, sun exposure, anger, alcohol, caffeine, stress, anxiety, hot baths, strenuous exercise, or certain skin care products or medicines. Some skin care regimes, especially those containing alcohol and topical steroids, may also exacerbate Rosacea. Keeping a diary can help you identify the factors that trigger your symptoms and thereby know what to avoid.

    Rosacea Symptoms

    Facial redness is the main way this condition manifests, and it can become more persistent if not treated. If you have rosacea, you may also experience the following signs:

    • Frequent redness, blushing or flushing on your nose, cheek, forehead, or chin
    • Small visible blood vessels
    • Pimples on your face
    • Red, swollen nose with thicker skin around it
    • Sensitive skin

    How is Rosacea Diagnosed?

    This skin condition has no specific tests, rather an experienced clinician needs to physically examine your skin to determine and or diagnose the exact condition. Sometimes you may have to undergo various tests to rule out the possibility of other skin conditions.

    What are the Consequences of Rosacea?

    Generally, there is still no permanent cure. However, if the condition is not managed, it may worsen redness and facial capillaries and thicken the skin.

    How Laser Treatment for Rosacea Works

    Laser treatment is widely considered as one of the best treatments for managing rosacea. Lasers treat rosacea and other skin disorders by coagulating the blood vessels, which are visible on the skin surface.

    Who is a Good Candidate for the Treatment?

    If you have the following rosacea symptoms, you may be a good candidate.

    • Persistent redness
    • Visible blood vessels
    • Bumps and pimples
    • Flushing or blushing

    The therapy is most effective for people with light skin, especially at the early stages of rosacea. However, people with a blood-clotting disorder, diabetes, and those who are pregnant should avoid the treatment.

    What are the Benefits of Laser Treatment for Rosacea?

    The Laser machine at DP MediSkin is Fotona, which is a new and advanced treatment that has been widely successful in treating various skin disorders. Its advantages include:

    • Safe and effective
    • Long-lasting results
    • Fast and convenient
    • Refreshes your appearance
    • Minimally invasive and no serious side effects

    What Can I Expect During a Rosacea Treatment?

    Fotona laser treatments are safe, fast, and effective. The extent, duration, and frequency of the treatment will depend on the severity of the condition. Generally, a series of treatments are required to treat the condition. Most rosacea patients require 3-6 laser treatments, and with the expertise of our Dermal Clinicians, each session takes about 45 minutes. Our assessment of your condition during the consultation will determine the extent of treatment.

    Is Laser Treatment for Rosacea Painful?

    The treatment is non-abrasive and pain-free. However, some patients report warm sensation and slight discomfort which are tolerable.

    What Can I Expect After a Rosacea Treatment?

    It is a safe procedure, with little or no side effects. However, immediately after the procedure, patients may experience some mild redness. This is why we space out laser treatments to give the skin a chance to rest. Fortunately, rosacea treatment is minimally invasive and often requires little to no downtime. This means that you can return to your normal routine after the procedure. However, proper skin care is essential after the treatment to maintain results, and our Dermal Clinicians will advise you on the best practices depending on your skin type and condition.

    What Do I Need to Do Before a Laser Treatment for Rosacea?

    The first thing is to visit DP MediSkin for a consultation. At this appointment, our Dermal Clinicians will assess your condition to determine if the treatment is suitable for you. Once that’s done, we will explain to you everything you need to know about the treatment and will also address all your questions and concerns.

    Rosacea Treatment


    Laser therapy is an effective treatment for rosacea. Most patients report significant reduction in visible blood vessels, redness, and flushing. The treatment also improves the texture of your skin. For best results, it’s advisable to see a Dermal Clinician as soon as you notice the symptoms. It’s also important to minimise exposure to anything that may trigger or exacerbate symptoms.


    As with most skin treatments, there’s no definite answer to how much laser treatments cost. Generally, the cost of the this treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition, the expected results, and the number of sessions. Once our clinicians examine your skin during the consultation, we will be able to give you more accurate costing.


    If you would like to get a safe and effective rosacea treatment in Melbourne, contact DP MediSkin. We are a full-service clinic offering treatments and advice on the right skin care regime for managing your specific skin condition. We understand the impact rosacea can have on your life, so book a consultation with us and let us help you improve your skin and look.