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Snoring Treatment

Improve the quality of your sleep

Snoring and apnoea can disrupt sleep and affect the quality of rest. This affects both the individual suffering from the condition and the person sleeping next to them. Luckily, this sleep disorder can be improved using Fotona laser treatment. At DP MediSkin, we offer Fotona’s NightLase treatment, which is an innovative, painless, non-surgical laser treatment for improving your sleep.

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    What are the Causes of Snoring and Apnoea?

    This occurs when air cannot move freely through the nose and throat during sleep. As a result, the surrounding tissues vibrate, producing a sound. Some things that may increase your risk are:

    • Age – As you grow old, your throat becomes narrower and the muscle tone in your throat reduces
    • Overweight – Fatty tissue and poor muscle tone can increase the risk, especially if you have excess fat around the neck or throat
    • Bad sleep posture – Sleeping on your back
    • Smoking, alcohol and medications – Smoking, alcohol intake and certain medications can increase muscle relaxation
    • Nasal and sinus problems – Nasal congestion or blocked airways can contribute

    What are the Effects of Snoring?

    Annoying your partner is definitely one of the main problems, but disrupting the quality of sleep for both of you can affect you in many other ways. A good night sleep allows your body to rest and rejuvenate, but being prone to snore disrupts the process. This can be very tiring and can affect your body. Some of the effects include:

    • Headaches
    • Drowsiness
    • Depression
    • Lack of concentration
    • Memory problems
    • Mood swings
    • Fatigue

    What is Fotona Nightlase Snoring and Apnoea Treatment?

    Fotona’s Nightlase therapy is a fast, non-invasive and patient-friendly treatment for increasing the quality of an individual’s sleep.

    How does NightLaser Treatment Work?

    In most cases, snoring and apnoea occur as a result of the tissues of the walls in the upper airway relaxing and partially or completely blocking the airway of the nose and mouth. This is as a result of the weakening of the soft tissue located at the back of the throat due to age and lifestyle factors like smoking.

    NightLase treatment minimises the effects of sleep apnoea and reduces the amplitude of snores by inducing tightening using laser. During the procedure, the laser energy heats the oral mucosa tissue, causing contraction of collagen which brings the tightening effect. This results in new, firmer tissue in the throat which minimises tissue vibration, thereby improving airflow to your nose and mouth. This reduces the effects of sleep apnoea and the sound of the individual’s snores. The NightLase treatment is carried out in two steps:

    1. Preconditioning – This is the first step and involves preheating the tissue using laser light
    2. Tissue Strengthening – The light then strengthens the tissue

    Benefits of NightLase Treatment for Snoring

    • Safe and Effective – The Fotona technology enables safe penetration of heat into the tissue and it has shown to be very successful in reducing and attenuating snores as well as reducing the effects of sleep apnoea.
    • Patient Friendly – Clients find NightLase treatment to be quite comfortable and satisfying. It’s very gentle even on sensitive tissue.
    • Painless – NightLase does not involve any incisions, anaesthesia, or chemical treatment because it’s non-invasive and painless.
    • No downtime – NightLase treatment is a simple procedure with minimal treatment. Therefore, it has little or no downtime.
    • No sleeping devices – With NightLase treatment, you don’t need to wear any device during sleep
    • Long-lasting results – The results can last a long time, but we recommend you get annual maintenance.

    Who is the NightLase Treatment for?

    This NightLase laser treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the quality of sleep by reducing snoring and lessening the effects of apnoea.

    How Many Sessions Will I Need?

    The number of sessions needed depends on the severity of the condition. However, we recommend 3 to 4 sessions.

    What Results Can I Expect?

    Positive effects become enhanced gradually as we progress with the sessions. Nonetheless, you will feel an improvement after the first session. NightLase laser treatment helps your airways to stay clear for about one year. Therefore, it’s recommended you do a yearly follow-up should the soft tissue at the back of the throat begin to break down again. This will ensure you continue to get better nights of sleep.

    Does Fotona NightLase Laser Treatment Hurt?

    The Fotona laser treatment does not involve incisions or surgery, and hence, is totally painless. However, you may feel a mild sensation or slight discomfort during the procedure, but these are tolerable.

    What are the Side Effects of the Treatment?

    One of the best things about non-surgical procedures is that they have no serious side effects. After the procedure, you might feel mild tightening or soreness of the throat, but this subdues very quickly. Therefore, the procedure has no downtime, and hence you can resume your normal routine after the treatment.

    Are there any Risks associated with Fotona Laser Treatment?

    NightLase laser treatment is completely safe and does not involve any surgery. Therefore, there’s no damage, or removal of tissues or permanent scarring. It also uses advanced technology that allows for precise heating of the tissue hence no damage to the surrounding areas. There’s also no use of anaesthetic or injections, which carry certain risks. Moreover, the procedure is performed by our qualified clinicians.

    Why Choose DP MediSkin for your Fotona Laser Treatment

    • Experience – Having performed many Fotona NightLase treatments in Melbourne, our dermal clinicians are quite experienced and can handle even the most complex of conditions.
    • Technology – We use the latest and most advanced technology that enables us to provide safe and effective treatments
    • Advice – We go over and beyond to offer our patients professional advice on the best treatments for their conditions and how to maximise the results

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