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Vascular Lesions Treatment with Fotona’s Nd: YAG Laser Technology


    Vascular lesions are idiopathic clusters of blood vessel growths . They are of different types, including vascular tumours and malformations. Some are present from birth while others come with age or as a result of other factors. Nonetheless, vascular lesions can be a source of psychological trauma and therefore should be removed. One of the best ways of treating vascular lesions is through laser treatments.


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    Doux Papillon MediSkin Offers Nd: YAG Laser Treatment

    Nd: YAG lasers are an effective and safe treatment for vascular lesions. The Fotona Laser we have provide the top hat technology, their Variable Square Pulse (VSP) technology enables them to penetrate deep into the skin, which allows precise treatment without any damage to the skin surface. This makes the procedure a very effective solution for deep haemangioma.
    At Duox Papillon MediSkin Clinic, we use the industry award winning laser 2018 Fontona SP and StartWalkera for vascular treatment. These systems are effective in treating various types of vascular lesions
    StarWalker– StarWalker uses various modalities, such as VERSA3, VERDE, and FRAC3, which make it an ideal solution for treating a wide range of vascular lesions. It’s also an effective tool for removing tattoos and pigmented lesions.


    Treatment Procedure

    The treatment procedure targets the chromophore known as oxyhaemoglobin. Once the lasers penetrate the skin, the veins and capillaries affected absorb the laser energy. This energy is transformed into heat which then destroys the vein walls. To ensure long-term efficacy, Nd: YAG light also targets the vascular feeding system. Once the procedure is complete, the body’s immune system removes the dead tissues.
    In most cases, the procedure takes just a few minutes depending on the size of the lesion. Small lesions can be removed in one laser session while others may require a number of treatments.

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    If you would like to  remove facial redness, facial broken capillaries, leg veins or other vascular lesions through a  minimal discomfort, non-surgical procedure; contact DP MediSkin to book an Visia Complex Skin Analysis appointment. Our Experienced Dermal Clinician will be happy to assist you.


    Laser tattoo removal